Being In The Center Of Your Head

There is a spiritual place in the center of your head that allows you to stay more neutral and allows you to respond, rather than react, to the ups and downs of daily life!

I continually return to this place when I want to tune out the external world and connect to my inner world. It’s my own private sanctuary!

Being in the center of your head will allow you to release excess mental noise so that you can hear and take advantage of your instincts and intuition.

In daily life, much of our attention gets focused externally. By making the conscious decision to return to the center of your head, you call your energy back and can detach from any situation.

From this place, you will be able to observe everything that is happening while remaining at your vibration.

Centering Technique

  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a nice deep breath. I like to breathe in through my nose, send energy down into my belly and then exhale out through my mouth.
  • Begin by Grounding. Step-by-step instructions are here.
  • Gently become aware of the center of your head.
  • For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this area, take your right index finger and place it on the right side of your temple (just above the ear) then place the left index finger on the corresponding side. Visualize an invisible line connecting the two points.
  • Now move one index finger to the center of your forehead. Take the second index finger and touch the back of your head at the exact same spot.
  • Visualize an invisible line connecting the two points.
  • The center of your head is located where the two lines intersect!! It’s also commonly referred to as the 6th chakra or third eye.
  • Take a nice deep breath and bring your awareness into this area.
  • Start to notice what thoughts and pictures arise. Just relax, breathe and release them down your grounding cord.
  • Begin to tune into your body – staying in the center of your head. Breathe deeply and begin to release any distractions, mental chatter or emotional energy.
  • Continue to breathe deeply and stay in the center of your head. If you find your attention wandering, just gently bring your awareness back to this area.
  • Continue to do this exercise for 10-15 minutes, or until you feel clear-headed and calm.

Like all good tools – the more you use this technique, the more you will notice a difference. Enjoy being in the center of your head!!!!

Old Endings create New Beginnings

Recently, I went to see Richard Linklater’s latest movie “Boyhood’, and I highly recommend it. It’s one of those movies that really stays with you.

It’s about a boy, Mason, and his family who live in Houston, Texas.

We first meet Mason when he is 5 years old and we follow him until he is 18 and heading off to college. The movie is shot over a 12-year period using the same actor!

Throughout the film, we watch him grow up, sharing all the highs and lows during this period in his life.

Sweet moments such as his first kiss, developing a bond with his biological father and a family graduation party are set in stark contrast to painful moments like his mother’s struggles with abusive alcoholic men, the struggle to fit in and breaking up with his first girlfriend.

Towards the end of the movie, Mason has shed his childhood skin and has adopted a more mature and philosophical outlook.

He is able to comfort his mother when she breaks down watching him pack his belongings and leave for college.

His mother, played by Patricia Arquette, is proud of him for beginning this new chapter of his life but at the same time she feels like her own life is over. Her ex-husband is about to start a new family, her last child is leaving home, the family home has been sold for a small apartment and she has three failed marriages.

She complains, “everyone around me is leaving, all the years of sacrifice and hard work and now I am going to be alone”. She sobs, ”I might as well have one foot in the grave and one out”.

In this moment, Mason is able to shine a light and validate her. He has an entirely different perspective – that this as an exciting new chapter in her life!

He reminds her that for years all she has talked about is the desire to take a break from teaching to pursue her writing and now she can. He is able to shift her attitude and help her appreciate that she has much more ahead of her that will give her life meaning and joy.

Mason’s insight is a reminder that the end of something is the beginning of something new and that happiness and sadness often coexist in the same moment. We can choose our perspective in any given moment.

Inspiring Words from Steve


Hey Everyone, I just watched this video again and found it very inspiring! Enjoy!

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Making yourself ready for change

Many clients who come to me do so because they are looking to change things in their lives. Common themes seem to be: improving relationships (or finding new ones), changing old emotional patterns, or discovering work that is more in alignment with their values. To successfully change your life in a meaningful way, there are […]

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A few nights ago I had a disturbing dream about my beloved cat, Jose. I came to find out that it was Josie’s way of telepathically telling me that she wasn’t feeling well. She had a bladder infection and I needed to take her to the vet for antibiotics! All living things are connected by […]

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Let the Healing Begin!


Emotional and energetic blocks can manifest in our bodies as pain, disease or other health issues. Recently, a client came to see me who was having trouble becoming pregnant due to some reproductive issues. She was undergoing treatment, however doctors told her that she should not expect much and that she should definitely not get […]

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Creating from your Soul instead of your Ego

When you want to bring change into your life, how can you tell if it’s motivated by your higher self or your physical self? Discerning between the two can be a challenge, but over time, you can start to tell the difference emotionally and energetically. The first thing to become conscious of is why you […]

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Open Your Heart


At times, it’s easy to get caught up in negative energy and to feel angry about something that is happening to you or around you. We are all spiritual beings and we all have the potential to experience so much love in our lives, however it starts with you! When you allow more love and […]

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Infuse Your Goal with Soul


I always love the beginning of the year! For me, it’s a wonderful opportunity to hit the reset button and start fresh. It’s a great time to look at the upcoming year and to identify changes you want to make. To start, think about all the areas in your life and come up with goals […]

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Healing Relationships


I get clients who come to me and ask me to fix their relationship or to fix someone in their life so things will be easier. If only it were that easy! Part of being on a spiritual journey is to develop the skills to evolve your relationships, but here’s the catch – it all […]

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