What I learned about Self-Acceptance from a Dog

This past December I was faced with a daunting challenge.

I was volunteering with a local animal rescue group and had met Sophie, a two-year old German Shepherd who was in need of a home.

Sophie was a sweetheart with a very sensitive soul.

Sophie’s spirits were low since she was living in a busy shelter. I wanted to foster or adopt her myself, but I couldn’t because I live with cats.

To further complicate matters, Sophie had recently been attacked by another dog and was wearing a cone to protect the stitches in her front paw.

I came to love this gentle and loyal hound! I knew if someone was patient and willing to put in some work, Sophie would thrive and become an incredible dog and companion.

I was posting Sophie’s information on FB in the hopes of finding her a home and telling her story to anyone that would listen.

Sophie and I met a couple of potential adopters and it did not go well. I found myself in effort trying to explain her quirks and getting them to see what I could see.

Eventually, I began to relax about the process. So what, if it took a little bit longer to find someone who felt exactly the same way about Sophie that I did!

I was taking Sophie out for a walk to meet a potential adopter – Claudia.

We met Claudia at a local park. I let Sophie be Sophie and didn’t try to make her anything other than the loveable, goofy, anxious, hot mess that she was.

Claudia saw all of this and was willing to take a chance on her.

I’m happy to report that Sophie is now “Juno” and happily living with Claudia and has a big dog-sister Hettie.

Like Juno, with the right support, encouragement and attention, a person is able to let their guard down and show their true personality.

While it may seem frightening to be the person who is opening up, other people will react positively to your honesty and vulnerability. You will form closer friendships and relationships and be happier.

Also, if you see a friend struggling, be supportive and encouraging. You will help them unlock their personality and you will have a great new relationship!


Here is Juno loving her new life!

My encounter with a Ghost!

Just as you can get lost in life, the same is true when you die.

Recently, I met with a client who was experiencing a strange presence in her home – an old carriage house which was built in the 1800’s.

During the course of the reading, I was able to tune into her physical environment and discovered that she was living with a ghost!

What are ghosts?

First and foremost, we are all energy. Each time we incarnate on Earth, we take a physical body. When we die, we shed our bodies and our energy moves into the non-physical realm.

There are many non-physical realms. Where you end up, depends on your energetic vibration.

If an individual has strong ties to the physical world, their energy can get stuck and remain bound to the earth.

While a person is stuck on the Earth plane, they are what we think of as a ghost.

Some common ways a person can get stuck:

    – If a person experiences a sudden or traumatic death.
    – If a person does not want to believe in or accept their own death.
    – If there is a need to deliver a message to someone.
    – If the person wants to watch over a loved one.
    – If there are extreme emotions like revenge, shame or guilt at the time of death.
    – If there is a strong desire to satisfy ones material cravings.
    – If there is fear about moving on to the next realm.

When I asked the ghost, what he was doing in my client’s house, he looked at me, and asked, what is she doing in MY house?

Clearly, he believed he was still in the physical world!

I gently and lovingly explained that it was 2015, he was deceased and my client now lived here. I asked if he was ready to move on – that his friends and family were waiting for him. He replied “No!” He was ok where he was and not ready to step into the unknown. He had too much baggage.

I did healing work and bathed him in White Light so he could experience a connection to Universal Energy.

At some point, each of us will die. The key to a successful transition is staying grounded, being at peace with your loved ones and staying connected to Universal Energy.

If you are attuned to Universal Energy, it’s easier to remember that there is no separation between the physical world and the non-physical world and that your spirit will carry on.


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